Canada's National Ballet School



Bounce Studio was engaged by Canada's National Ballet School to create an interactive installation for their annual fundraising gala, La Belle Epoque, which was hosted at The Carlu on March 1, 2018. Their goal was to highlight the NBS' Share Dance program which teaches routines to people from all walks of life. Choreographer Ashleigh Powell lead her students and participants through each routine and encouraged viewers to dance along.


Participants silhouettes were displayed on screen as they danced along. When users matched the choreography subtle visuals would let them know they got it right. Over ten people could interact with the experience at a time, allowing many people to engage over the course of the night.


Two members from the children's dance class and two members from the Parkinson's dance class were the featured dancers to highlight the program's diversity.

The installation allowed students to share dance with gala attendees as they shared dance with us.