Capturing consumers attention is harder than ever before. Bounce Studio is a multimedia design company that specializes in interactive media. We create dynamic one of a kind interactions to engage your customers. We work with our clients to create memorable encounters that will get people talking.

Content Creation

We are animators, designers, makers, programmers, and problem solvers. Whether for a permanent installation or a one-time event, we are a one-stop shop for your content creation.

Interactive design

Create intuitive, engaging and memorable interactions that are tailored to your specific goals. Connect participants with their immediate environment. Foster a dialogue between you and your customers that increases their connection to your brand.

Computer Vision

Detect people in space and utilize that information in real-time to dictate content. Have your audience control and drive captivating experiences through intuitive touch-points.

Real-World Analytics

Track all of your engagements with real time data. See how many people interacted with a project and how long they stayed. Evolve your strategy through real world metrics that show how effective your content is. And rapidly evolve your content to maximize its impact.

Web Applications

Create interactive web applications that drive traffic and retain it. Differentiate your site with unique content or augment current content with a focus on user experience.

Concept Development

Develop original ideas for your project. Create compelling pitch documents with visualizations and working prototype's. Use the best technology suited for your specific goal.

We turn your audience into participants


Put some bounce in your next project